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News: In order to help you to reach the TSFP8 site and/or your hotel a welcome desk will be organized at the Poitiers Train station (Main hall) Tuesday August 27th from 4pm to 6.30pm

The series of biennial TSFP Symposia is the principal venue for reporting and disseminating recent and ongoing research on turbulence and shear flow phenomena. Previous successful TSFP symposia were held in Santa Barbara, California (1999), Stockholm, Sweden (2001), Sendai, Japan (2003), Williamsburg, Virginia (2005), Munich, Germany (2007), Seoul, Korea (2009) and Ottawa, Canada (2011). The Eighth Symposium of this series, TSFP-8, will be held in Poitiers, France.

TSFP-8 provides the opportunity to report new discoveries and developments in the fundamental and applied research on turbulence and shear flow phenomena. Apart from traditional focal points, such as DNS, LES, turbulence closures and experiments, the organizers of TSFP-8 wish to give particular emphasis to the following topics:


Instability and transition to turbulence
Advanced techniques for the turbulence measurement
Modelling and simulation of complex flows
Turbulence and heat/mass transfer control
Turbulence in reacting and multiphase systems
Plasma and MHD turbulence
Noise generation and fluid-structure interactions
Biological, biomedical and clinical flows
Environmental, geophysical and compressible turbulence
Multiscale-generated Turbulent Flows.

Five invited lectures will be given:


  • Eberhard Bodenschatz (MPI-DS and University of Göttingen, Germany):

"The Lagrangian properties of turbulence"

  • Sébastien Candel (Ecole Centrale de Paris, France):

"Combustion in turbulent flows"

  • Gianluca Iaccarino (Stanford University):

"Quantifying uncertainties in turbulent flow simulations"

  • Yukio Kaneda (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan):

"Small scale universality and spectral characteristics in turbulent flows"

  • Ugo Piomelli (Queen's University, Canada):

"LES of turbulent boundary layers"